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Other design professionals are usually desired (or required) to complete a custom residence. The professionals included here are often part of the design team but are not usually included in the scope of our services. We can provide options for professionals based on scope and style of the project, or we are happy to work with professionals already familiar to the client.


INTERIOR DESIGNER- designer responsibilities generally include selections of interior colors, finishes including tile/stone/ wood flooring, all bathroom finishes, closet design, decorative fixtures, soft goods, furniture, hardware, and countertops. Designer input is considered in other architect designed millwork and casegoods. The interior designer is an integral part of the team on most of our projects, however, if the desire is for interior and/ or exterior architecture to be driven by primarily the designer, a different architect is likely a better choice for the project.  On occasion, we work with 'owner as interior designer'. Viability of this arrangement depends entirely on project scope, owner expertise in the design field, and owner time available to dedicate to the project. 


LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT- responsibilities include design of landscaping, irrigation, landscape lighting, site grading, drainage and civil engineering if required. The landscape architect usually designs the exterior hardscape, driveway, walkways, water features and swimming pool.  The exterior hardscape is sometimes a collaboration with our firm, and in some instances is designed by our firm exclusively, but a landscape architect is still required to do other aspects. If hydraulic engineering is required for the pool or water features, this would also be handled by the landscape architect.


AUDIO/ VIDEO/ LIGHTING CONTROL- responsibilities include design/ integration of home electronics and smart home systems. There are so many options for this evolving technology that a consultant is usually desired, especially for larger projects.              

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