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Our firm, with limited exceptions, is a full service architectural firm. These services are described in more detail under "SERVICES/ DOCUMENTS" in this narrative. Fees are generally proportionate to industry standards for similar services relating to custom architecture. Though fee can be structured in any reasonable manner at client request, we generally prefer to provide all work based on an hourly arrangement. Engineering, as defined in "DOCUMENTS", is included (and required to accept the commission) within the comprehensive fee. While the fee is billed hourly and is not based on construction cost, fees usually range between 4%- 10% of construction cost for client budgeting.  This arrangement allows maximum flexibility in the scope of services, which often changes or expands as we work through the project.  We encourage interaction with our firm to discuss fees in detail since there are many variables that affect the wide range articulated.  Unlike some other residential focused firms, all work is custom so we do not offer 'standard design plans' or 'plan books' for sale that include 'design only' drawings at a reduced rate.                         

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